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The Wholesome Table is an organic restaurant that aims to help you change the way you eat – one plate at a time.

We believe in going back to basics in preparing the kind of comfort food that you’re used to eating, except we make them with healthier ingredients, always with love and good intentions.

Restaurateur Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and husband Juan Elizalde share a wholesome experience with its diners in the hopes of inspiring them to follow a healthier lifestyle. With food made only from fresh, natural and organic ingredients, The Wholesome Table inspires a change in the way people live, with every plate they have.





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Wholesome Food

There is a misconception that organic food is, number one vegetarian only, and two, it’s bland. The Wholesome Table corrects this misconception by offering tasty meat and plant-based comfort food. “I figured Filipinos will enjoy this because they can still have the many dishes that they’re used to eating such as burgers, pork, and pizza but they’re less guilty because they’re coming from good sources and made with better and healthier ingredients,” Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, owner, points out.

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Eat Consciously. Live Consciously.